The Water Baby

When we were little, my sister and I loved to watch this movie (or maybe it was a TV show?) called “The Water Babies.”  It started out live-action, but as soon as the kids got into the water, it was animated.  Oh, and they had these wicked British accents, which is the real reason we loved it.  “The Wohtah Baybays!,” we often chanted.  Anyhoo, I was reminded of this endearing piece of cinematic history when we took Frank to his first swimming lesson on Tuesday.  As you can see, he was a natural Wohtah Baybay!  Click on the pics above for larger image.


Power Struggle

IN THIS CORNER, weighing in at 19 lbs and change, whose interests include chewing on flip flops, pulling electrical cords, and discovering new sounds he can make with his tongue, it’s LITTLE FRANKIE DEE!


AND IN THIS CORNER, weighing in at a svelte 16.5lbs, whose interests include terrorizing unsuspecting houseguests, reminiscing about the days in which he had the house all to himself, and licking himself in inappropriate places, it’s EM DOGGY DOG!


ROUND ONE: Frank nabs an early lead by putting Emmitt’s bed at his back.  Emmitt knows Frank is heading for the dog bed (who wouldn’t?), yet he can’t keep an eye on the bed and the boy at the same time.  Emmitt is increasingly frustrated and loses track of the prize, because he can still remember that only three weeks ago, Frank couldn’t so much as scoot a half-inch in a forward direction.  Advantage: Frank.


ROUND TWO: Okay, so even though the rookie made it to the dog bed, Emmitt knows that a dog’s bed is his castle (or something like that) and he won’t let it fall to just any new kid on the block.  Emmitt’s quick movements confuse the young grasshopper, who can’t get the momentum to hoist his jelly-rolled body onto the surface.  Advantage: Emmitt.


ROUND THREE: Oh, what’s that?  You’re both too tired to continue?  Oh…well, this is highly unorthodox….but if you both agree…OKAY, mandatory rest period!  Take five.


ATTENTION FIGHT ENTHUSIASTS: During the mandatory rest period, the fighters talked it over and decided to call a truce… and then they kissed and made up…


For better or worse, this is a pretty typical day in my life.  I can’t really complain.  It makes for good entertainment!

Frank’s First Easter!


How adorable is this picture?!!  Believe it or not, I didn’t “pose” him, and, believe it or not, I took the picture!  We had quite a time finding an Easter Bunny with which to pose, however.  On Thursday, I decided to take Frank up to the Galleria to see the Easter Bunny.  I had been at NorthPark Mall the day before and had not seen a Bunny there.  So, we went to the Galleria — which, until then, I still considered to be a real mega-mall — but there was no Bunny to be found.  We strolled the whole mall to no avail.  Genius that I am, I decided to inquire at Nordstrom’s customer service desk.  They confirmed that there was no mall Bunny (why? unclear), but they told me Nordstrom was having an Easter Bunny up in kids’ shoes on Friday and Saturday.  Friday morning, between the morning nap and lunch, we raced back up to the Galleria.  However, in all my rush, I forgot to put Frank’s shoes on him and I accidentally parked on the wrong level…anyway, by the time we got inside, I was bumfuzzled to say the least.  I think my photography that day reflects as much:


As several (hundred) of you pointed out on Facebook, it appears the Bunny is attempting to take a chunk out of Frank’s head, and Frank appears rightfully nervous about that.  And, he’s shoeless.  I mean, I am from Arkansas, but this is his Easter picture for crying out loud!  In any event, I dragged Frank (and Heath, too) back to Nordstrom on Saturday (so, third trip to the Galleria in as many days, if you are counting).  This time, I dressed him in his super cute Ralph Lauren button-down and sweater vest combo, crisp khaki chinos, and his tan and white saddle oxfords.  V. Cute!  He and the Bunny were old friends by this time, and he climbed on up and started petting her (yes, the Nordstrom Bunny was a lady!) and doing his signature head-tilt.  And, thanks to modern technology and the brilliance of point and shoot cameras, I got the perfect shot!

We had a great Easter on Sunday.  Frank loved opening his Easter Basket while we were getting ready for church.


And, even Daddy couldn’t deny how cute he was in his first Easter suit!


After church, we had a great brunch with the extended Dixon clan at Glen Eagles Country Club in Plano.  Then, we went back over to Uncle Jack and Aunt Trisha’s house for the hunting of eggs and the eating of sugar cookies.  Ok, Frank didn’t do either of those things.  Mommy did one of them.  And I bet you can guess which one.  We hope you and your family had a great Easter too!



Frank and playgroup pal, Caroline
Frank and playgroup pal, Caroline

I find myself without many pictures of late.  Am I finally reaching complacency with this “mommy” thing, such that I don’t follow Frank around with the camera 24/7?  Maybe.  Is Frank becoming less interesting?  Definitely not!  He turned 8 months old last Monday and started crawling forward on Tuesday!  He’s also eating table food almost exclusively now, although I’ve found it easier to feed him baby food when we are out.  He makes quite a mess otherwise, and at home we have Emmitt to “clean up” after him!

I want you to know that I did video Frank crawling last week, but I’m not so tech-savvy and haven’t been able to upload said video to the blog.  Perhaps I will figure it out before he starts walking.  Which reminds me, we are getting two new computers in the Dixon household!   A new laptop for me, because this one is on its last legs, and a desktop for our office.  In the process of preparing for our new computers, we backed up all the pictures and stuff from our old computers last weekend.  For your viewing pleasure, here are some gems from days of yore!

On our Honeymoon in Anguilla (Dec. 2005)

On our Honeymoon in Anguilla (Dec. 2005)

With the Bleils and the McClungs at one of our wedding showers (Aug. 2005)

With the Bleils and the McClungs at one of our wedding showers (Aug. 2005)

A typical day when we first moved into our house (summer 2005)

A typical day when we first moved into our house (summer 2005)

Our first trip to Estes Park, CO (Oct. 2004)

Our first trip to Estes Park, CO (Oct. 2004)

 Our very first date (law firm Christmas party, Dec. 14, 2002)!

 Our very first date (law firm Christmas party, Dec. 14, 2002)!