Birthday! Birthday!

IMG_0555Well, we made it through one whole year!  Just seventeen more and then I’m released of all responsibility, right?!  I promise I won’t go on and on about the year and how it has changed my life, blah, blah, blah….but, seriously, Frank is the very best thing in the world!  Everyday he is a little more fun!  His vocabulary is still expanding.  His new thing right now is to point at something and ask, “Izzit?” [roughly translated: “What is it?”].  We try to be patient and tell him the word for everything he points to, but I’m already seeing how this will get old!  He hasn’t caught on and actually repeated any of the words yet, but I know any day now he will repeat, “wireless router” or “panini press” right back to me!

We began celebrating Frank’s big day a week before the actual event (like a true Vaught).  My parents came into town last Thursday night, and my cousin, Johnelle, and her husband, Corey, drove up from San Antonio on Friday.  They were all a tremendous help with the party, and I couldn’t have pulled it off without them!

We held the party on Saturday morning.  Heath and his dad cooked a great meal of fried catfish, tater tots, hushpuppies, and various other fried treats for lunch.  I ordered the cake and a matching cupcake for Frank from my favorite bakery, Casa Linda, in East Dallas.  And, naturally, the theme was monkeys!  Here are some pics:







Frank also has a great party trick that he and I worked on for two weeks leading up to his birthday.  I’m SO glad our good friend Matt captured it on video.  Unfortunately, I can’t get it to upload onto the blog…Please know that I am working on it and will post AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!  Until then, hope everyone is well.  Enjoy the still pics!  Love to all.


Lots of Firsts!

I have been so lazy about this blog lately.  I apologize to anyone who has checked it over the past two weeks to find no updates.  I promise, I don’t purposefully try to ruin your day.  A lot has happened; so much that I haven’t had much time to sit at the computer and write about it.  Plus, my computer has not been cooperating very well.  I’ve just recently learned that no one uses Internet Explorer anymore because it locks up and is inferior to Firefox and that other one.  Who knew?  I’m the only one still sitting there for five minutes trying to get my email to pop up.  Anyway, now that I’m in the know, I will rebuild my relationship with the computer and perhaps visit this blog a bit more often.

For my first “First”, I’d like to take you back a few weeks to our visit to Little Rock.  Most of you know I have this super fantastic aunt named Aunt Sissy.  Many of you also know that I rarely paid for a haircut until law school, because Aunt Sissy is a master of hair scissory.  Ergo, when Frank’s hair started to get a bit straggly and flipping over his ears, I called Aunt Sissy for his first hair appointment!  She is now retired from the professional hair practice, so we had to do the haircut in her den, but it went surprisingly well!  Here are a few pictures:

Taking a little off the sides

Taking a little off the sides

Uncle Johnny providing some entertainment.

Uncle Johnny providing some entertainment.

A good shot of the finished product!

A good shot of the finished product!

About a week after we returned home from our vacation, my nephew Drew came for a visit.  This leads to our next “firsts” — my first experience caring for a teenager and Frank’s first rock concert.  You see, Drew came to Dallas to attend Camp Jam, which is a day camp for budding rock stars.  Drew is a drummer.  He’s also a guitarist, but we decided it was easier to fly down here with drumsticks than with an electric guitar and all the accoutrements that come along with it.  Anyway, upon arrival to Camp, the kids were separated by age and ability into bands.  Each band worked up a song for the final concert.  Throughout the week, various local bands and semi-famous musicians (Billy Joel’s drummer) visited the camp and gave master classes.  Drew seemed to have a good time.  We had a lot of fun with him as well.  We took him out to eat some of Dallas’ finest pizza at Fireside Pies, to play arcade games at Gazeebo Burger, to add to his pin collection at the new Hard Rock Cafe, and to see the Harry Potter movie.  Plus, he entertained Frank to no end!  Even now, two weeks later, he will point Drew out in any family photo.  What a great cousin!!

My sister, her husband and their daughter, Lenzy, came down to attend the final concert and take Drew home.  Drew’s band was a Led Zeppelin tribute called “Brick Airplane.”  They performed “Houses of the Holy,” and I must say they were pretty awesome!  Especially considering these boys had never met each other 5 days before they performed.  We were all so proud of him!

Drew rocking out on drums.

Drew rocking out on drums.

Brick Airplane

Brick Airplane

So, I’m sure you can guess the most important “First” in our lives right now…yep, Frank’s first birthday is tomorrow!!  We’ve already had the party, but I’ll save the pictures for tomorrow’s post.  I’m still in shock that I have kept both Frank and myself alive for this entire year…

Traveling Circus 2009

The Bujarskis and Vaughts (minus the vast majority of Bujarskis) set off for Florida again this year in late June.  We were back in the house we rented throughout most of the late ’90s and early ’00s.  The house was cramped when we were all teenagers, but it is REALLY cramped now that we are all married and some of us have kids.  So, as much as I missed the Bujarski kids this year, it was probably best that we only had to stuff 10 people into the 4br/2bath house!

A good time was had by all.  Everyone had fun playing with Frank, although I think Drew and Lenzy were disappointed that he sleeps so much during the day!  We had great weather for the beach, had dinner out at a new place (well, new to us): the Love Shack, and introduced Frank to the Alvin’s Island airbrushed t-shirt.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:


IMG_0447 - Copy

IMG_0459 - Copy

IMG_0453 - Copy



Now, I have no idea what’s normal for an 11-month-old, mind you, but I’m pretty sure Frank is smart.  I’m also a staunch supporter of every parent’s belief that his/her child is generally smarter than everyone else’s child, so you should keep that in mind as well.

Anyway, today’s post will include an itemized list of Frank’s current vocabulary.  Judge for yourselves:

Dada: Daddy or anyone else he really likes, i.e., Gammie and Blue Dog (his lovey)

Mama: Mommy and, occasionally, total strangers

Baaawwwl: Ball

Bye Bye: Greeting, such as hello or goodbye.  Generally in conjunction with vigorous waving.

Ni-Ni: Goodnight.  Usually in conjunction with sucking thumb and clutching Blue Dog for dear life.

Boo: As in, peek-a-boo.  V.v. cute!

Pa-Cay: Patty-cake.  Always in conjunction with metered clapping.  Still working on “roll it up, roll it up, throw it in the pan!”

Bubbo: Bubbles, generally in context of blowing bubbles in the swimming pool.  However, at least once, used while singing along with Mommy, who was singing along with Def Leppard (as in “Take a bottle, shake it up, break the bubble, break it u-up…Pour some sugar on me…”).  I mean, that’s got to be a 12-month skill, right?

A duuuuuk: Duck.  Prounounced like “wazzzuuuuup” from those late 90’s beer commercials.

Ok, what’s the verdict?  Slightly above average, no?!  I’m not going to look in the books, because I like to think he’s a genius!

Frank and I arrived back home from the beach vacation today.  I’ll post some pictures this week.  We had a great time, but we’re glad to be home with Daddy and Emmitt again!