Broadening Our Horizons

The past couple of weeks, we have been trying to phase out Frank’s morning nap.  Because he is starting “school” next week (Mother’s Day Out, once a week) and because they only get one nap at school, we decided to get him used to the new schedule in advance.  Unfortunately, he is not taking to it as well as I thought he would!  The kid just likes to sleep, and believe you me, I’m not complaining!!  Anyway, I have found that he doesn’t get as sleepy or fussy in the mornings if we have an activity (novel idea, I know). 

For me, this is easier said than done.  It is hard for me to admit what a homebody I am.  People ask me all the time what kinds of things Frank and I do all day, and I’m always embarrassed to answer that we mostly stay at home and play in the playroom.  I then, of course, give the excuse, “He naps twice a day, so we really don’t have time to do much…”  LIAR!!  So, last week, I decided enough is enough!  I don’t want Frank to turn into some creepy dude with pale white skin that lives in my basement playing online video games for the rest of his life!  (Seriously, these are the delusions I have).

We are now officially taking Dallas by storm!  In the last two weeks, we have gone swimming with the playgroup, played at parks, started back up at the Little Gym, attended music class/storytime at the Library, hit the Museum of Nature and Science, and attacked the Lake Highlands Sprayground/Splashpark!  What fun we’ve had!  Maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone more often.  I can already see the color coming out in Frank’s cheeks…

Here are a few pictures to prove it:









The End of an Era, the Beginning of an Era, and a very expensive haircut…

New 'do

New 'do

Hello Friends!  It has been a pretty eventful week in the Dixon household, as they usually are these days.  First, we turned a very important corner in Frank’s life on Thursday of this week.  He is completely weaned from nursing.  It was WAY harder on me than on him.  At around 11 months, we started dropping feedings gradually, until we were down to one (first thing in the morning).  For a couple of weeks, I had been really reluctant to give this last one up — I think because I felt like it was the only time of day that I had his captive attention!  So, finally, on Thursday, Heath got him up and changed and started to bring him to me in bed, when I sprung up and said, “Take him straight to the kitchen for breakfast!”  I probably scared poor Heath to death, but I didn’t want to risk changing my mind.  Anyway, Frank didn’t even notice and hasn’t seemed to miss it one bit.  I’m still pretty sad, but of course I’m glad he is healthy and big enough to eat only “regular” food!!  By the way, for all of you out there who think I sound like some sort of Breastfeeding Nazi/La Leche League Group Leader or something, I’m far from it!  It definitely worked well for us, but there were days (weeks?  months?) that I thought about abandoning the ship.  It was a tough thing to stick with for a year, and I truly believe it is one of my greatest accomplishments.

On to the Beginning of an Era — the New Cowboys’ Stadium is finished and ready to host the first pre-season home game later this week!  As many of you know, Heath’s dad is the head of the construction company that built the stadium, so we are especially excited and SO PROUD of Poppy for creating such a spectacular place!  We were able to go test out our seats last weekend at the season ticket-holders’ open house.  Here are a couple of photos:

Sporting his "Cowboy in Training" shirt!

Sporting his "Cowboy in Training" shirt!

Fam Shot (unclear as to why I decided not to dry my hair that day; classy look)

Fam Shot (unclear as to why I decided not to dry my hair that day; classy look)

So, we move to the very expensive haircut.  Even despite having his hair cut in Little Rock back in June, Frank’s hair has become straggly again.  It was starting to hang over his ears and require a nightly “comb-over” to make it presentable in the mornings.  Heath finally lit a fire under me and told me to get him to a barber.  I decided to take him to one of those kiddy shops where they can sit in racecars and watch Elmo while getting a haircut, and I’m glad I did!  Frank really seemed to have a good time and only got squeamish when the lady pulled out the electric trimmer at the very end to tidy up the back.  Otherwise, he was the picture of calm and, of course, took the opportunity to flirt with the stylists and other moms in the shop.  Totally cute!

Sitting in the racecar wearing the "Superman Cape"

Sitting in the racecar wearing the "Superman Cape"

So, you’re waiting for me to tell you how much the haircut cost, right?!  Well, sorry to disappoint, but it was not pricey.  It was indeed worth the $18 to have a happy kid and a cute new ‘do.  So, why is this post (partially) entitled “a very expensive haircut,” you ask?  Because somewhere between there and my house, I lost my Gucci sunglasses.  Yup, they jumped right out of the diaper bag into the great abyss.  As you can imagine, I went right back up to Cool Kuts 4 Kids at 9am the next morning and ransacked the place to no avail.  I also shamelessly searched under cars in their parking lot.  The good news is that the sunglasses were in their trusty (ginormous, bulletproof) case, so I can only hope the thief/bum/Cool Kuts 4 Kids janitor received the stylish specs in good, wearable condition.
Oh well, I was never cool enough to pull them off anyway.

New Cousin and One-Year-Old Stats

Frank has a new cousin!  Well, second cousin once removed, I think.  I always forget the rules of consanguinity, as my Trusts and Estates final was open notes, so I just copied the table into my notes for the test.  Anyway, Heath’s cousin Chris had a daughter on Monday named Sailor Rose Dixon.  And, she’s gorgeous!!


Sailor is lucky enough to have TWO big brothers to protect her, and I know she will be melting the hearts of the entire family for years to come!  Sailor’s mom is the uber-talented Heather, who makes adorable diaper bags and other baby and kid products that you may have seen me sporting around town.  Her website is over there on the right (Abbey Layne Designs), but DON”T contact her right away!  She just had a baby, for Pete’s sake.

I snapped a picture of the cousins and second cousins once removed, which I like to call, “Many Happy Dixons.”


In other news, Frank went for his 12-month exam today, and, minus the FOUR shots and toe prick, it went really well!  He is 30.5 inches tall (75%), weighs 21 lbs, 11 oz (45%) and still has a tiny peanut head (27%).  The doc was impressed with his personability and sunny disposition.  We made it through one year with only one ear infection, one fever virus, and one stomach pukeyness.  I would call this a very successful year!!


WordPress is mean and won’t let you upload videos without purchasing Video Press.  And, seeing how I’m completely computer illiterate, I couldn’t even find out how much it costs to do so.  I’m pretty sure blogspot lets its users put videos on their blogs.  For free.  Meanies.

In any event, Frank’s trick is holding up one finger when you ask, “How old are you?”  If you are my Facebook friend, you’ve already seen the video.  If you see him in real life anytime soon, you can ask him how old he is yourself!  It’s a cute trick and a cute video, and I’m sorry that WordPress is preventing you from seeing it.  Boo.

To help ease your pain, I’ll attach a recent pic (as in 2 minutes ago) of our sleeping monkey: