Hello, friends!  Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  Things have been a little crazy since Frank started “school” a couple of weeks ago.  He is going to Mother’s Day Out once a week at our church.  He has only been twice, and I think he likes it!  He’s having a little trouble napping at school, but we are hoping he gets used to it over time.  Here are some pictures from his first day:




As I mentioned in the last post, his new school schedule has prompted us to drop his morning nap.  We are still having growing pains adjusting to being awake so much during the day!  I was just telling my mom today that I was really spoiled that Frank has been such a champion sleeper ever since we did “sleep training” at 4 months.  Unfortunately, this means I am not used to him refusing to nap or go to bed at night.  Rather than dwell on the setbacks, I am trying to focus on the great 9 months we had.  I keep repeating “This too shall pass…”!

Other than school and sleep problems, we have been having tons of fun so far this month!  We went to Little Rock to visit my family for Labor Day weekend.  Heath and I tailgated and attended the Razorback game, which was so much fun!  Thanks to my brother-in-law, Len, for cooking up some yummy burgers and supplying the cold beers at the tailgate.  And, thanks to Gammie and Lenzy for staying home to babysit Frank.  Much appreciated!  Before we left town, I snapped some good shots of Frank with Gammie and Papa:



They kind of look alike, huh? 

Frank is becoming more and more like a “real person” everyday!  He is ALMOST walking…he can walk holding onto one finger, but he is still a little apprehensive to let go.  He has lots of new words: nose, more, no (not too happy about that one!).  His favorite words are still bye-bye and baby.  He just says these over and over again to make sentences.  Pretty cute. 

For those of you we don’t see too often, we miss you and hope to see you soon!