Gammie’s Visit!

The storm that is Miss Shelia blew through Dallas for a few days this week.  I don’t know who had more fun — Frank, with a new cruise director; Me, with an extra pair of hands; or Gammie, with TWO babies to spoil (yes, I still count as her baby)!  Even though she was just here a couple of days, we packed in a lot of activity.

She took us shopping (of course) and bought Frank a lot of winter clothes, including a coat and mittens, new jeans, pj’s, several sweaters, and some new shoes (“shoes” still being his favorite word).  She bought me a new dress to wear to Carrie and Steve’s wedding, since all the dresses I’ve bought in the past two years are now too small…in the top area…let’s just say that I fell victim to the belief that I had grown permanent boobs during the whole pregnancy/breastfeeding thing and bought a whole new wardrobe to celebrate.  But, alas, as quickly as they’d arrived…

I digress.  So, we shopped a lot.  I even convinced her to let me buy her something (since it is her BIRTHDAY on Friday, after all).  She picked out a pair of black leggings.  Seriously.  So, I bought her the black ones and a bonus brown pair and called it even.  Happy Birthday, Gammie!  I’m sure most of you understand how hard it is to buy a birthday present for someone who (a) already has everything, and (b) would rather buy stuff for you, such that you can never “catch up.”

The weather was perfect during her visit, so Frank wanted to play outside a lot.  He taught Gammie how to shovel sand at the sand table, and he showed her how he can climb up and slide down the slide all by himself!  Mostly, he just wanted to walk around the perimeter of the yard hundreds of times holding onto Gammie’s pointer fingers.  He can take up to three steps on his own, but he much prefers to grab two fingers and take off.  He can even run…as long as he’s holding on! 

The best part of Gammie’s visit was our trip to the Arboretum to see the pumpkins!  Frank loved it.  He pointed to every pumpkin individually and said “ball!”  Eh, close enough.  Here are some pics:




We even took a major risk by changing him into his Halloween costume mid-photo-shoot.  The risk paid off, because we got some great shots!




I hope you all like the costume!  I think it turned out great.  I actually used a needle and thread on some parts of it!  The glue gun and the metallic spray paint were more fun, though!  Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the book, Frank is dressed up as Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.”  This book changed my life.  It has always been my favorite, and one that I cannot wait to share with Frank.  Coincidentally, they just made the book into a movie.  Heath and I went to see it on Monday night (thanks to Gammie, who babysat), and we loved it!  I cried.  Like, sobbed.  I think it was the perfect storm of emotions — my favorite childhood book, my son’s homemade Halloween costume, and the heart-wrenching mother/son relationship in the movie.  Or maybe it was just that we saw it at Studio Movie Grill, so I drank two glasses of wine while watching it.  Tends to make me a bit weepy, the wine.

Anyhoo, THANK YOU GAMMIE!!  We had a great visit.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We LOVE you!


A Little Sunday Fun…

Just thought you guys would like to see how much Frank has grown since last fall:

August 2008 027


Such cuties, both of them!  Today we cheered the Cowboys to victory, although they continue to play like [insert four letter word].  We are hoping they have a “come to Jesus” during the Bye week and that they WIN BIG when we take Frank to his first game in the new Stadium on the 25th!!

After the game today, Daddy made us watch all the wrap-up coverage of the other games on the Red Zone Channel.  Frank is slightly more interested in this than I am, but both of us would rather play instead!


Or grocery shop…


Hope you all have a great week!  My goal for the week is to make Frank’s Halloween costume.  Yep, you heard me — MAKE!  No, I don’t own a sewing machine…or even a needle and thread, and No, I haven’t sewn anything since the apron and pin cushion I made in Mrs. Douglas’ home ec class in 1989.  But I have a hot glue gun and a vision, so watch out!!  Will post pictures if it works out.  Will never mention again if it fails.

Fourteen Months Old!

Teething is no fun, but plastic popsicles are tasty!

Teething is no fun, but plastic popsicles are tasty!

Oh, how time flies!  Our little Frank is fourteen months old now.  And full of personality.  Unfortunately, September has been the month of continuous illness in our house.  It seems like he picks up a cold every week at school, Little Gym, the grocery cart, or God knows where.  He is probably the only 14-month-old in the world who blows and wipes his own nose with a Kleenex.  I’m hoping this means he is building up a superior immune system that will protect him for the rest of his childhood.  That’s realistic, right? 

Frank is continuing to grow taller, but he hasn’t really gained any weight since his 12-month check up.  Maybe he will be a stringbean like his mommy used to be.  Eh, there are worse things.  He is “talking” up a storm these days.  Currently his favorite word is “shoes.”  A man after my own heart!!

I have been grossly negligent in taking pictures lately, so I snapped a few yesterday so you can confirm that he is still indeed cute.  These are some of his newly-acquired facial expressions.  This kid will never need drama camp!