We’ve arrived (and survived)!

We made the big move to Seattle on Sunday.  It was a long day, but Frank was a champ on the flight.  I snapped a few pictures of the momentous occasion: I think this was just prior to take-off.  He was very excited to be on the plane!  Actually, he was just excited to be with his Daddy, whom he had not really seen for three weeks.  Note the Dallas Cowboys track suit.  Fat lot of good that did us! He was a bit apprehensive of the moving sidewalk in the Seattle airport.  BTW, if any of you Mommies out there do not have this contraption which turns the carseat into a stroller, you must purchase post-haste.  I think it is called something ridiculous like GoGo Kidz carseat caddy.  You can get it from Amazon.com, of course!

Happy Daddy and Frank with all of our luggage…not including the 14 boxes we Fed Ex’ed to ourselves and the two suitcases Heath brought up two weeks ago. Glad we came in shifts!

Anyway, our temporary housing is pretty nice.  It’s a furnished apartment in downtown Seattle.  We are pretty close to a bunch of cute restaurants, shops, and bars.  I’m sure I’ll be hanging out in all of those places a lot.  Ha.  The weather has been nice since we arrived, and it is supposed to be sunny at least through the weekend!  We ordered a new stroller that is supposed to arrive today, so Frank and I are hoping to take a walk this evening to check the place out.

The good news/bad news is that Heath is already doing so well at his job that they’ve trusted him to travel to Dublin to negotiate a big deal.  So, after being here 1.5 days, we took him back to the airport today.  He’ll be gone for 8 days…I suppose this will force me to learn my way around!  Thank goodness for the GPS (or as our good friend Sarah B. would call her, “the Lady”)!  The Lady will be leading us through the winding streets of Seattle neighborhoods in no time!

We’ll start our house search in earnest tomorrow morning with the realtor.  I’m ready to find a place of our own, but I’m also glad to have a break from unpacking the 578 individual items that I sent off in that truck last Friday.  Yikes.

I’ll keep you all posted as things progress.  Thanks for all of the well-wishes and prayers over the past couple of weeks.  We are very lucky to have friends like you.  We can’t wait to have you all out to visit us!


Out with the old…

So, I feel like I have a pretty good excuse for not blogging the whole month of December.  As most of you know, the first half of the month was devoted to getting our house on the market, and the second half of the month was devoted to holiday travel and festivities!  The great news is that the house sold within 8 or 9 days of putting it on the market.  In fact we only had to leave the house two or three times for showings!    Now, I find myself in the throes of packing/donating/trashing all of our things.  Knowing our new house will likely be smaller than our current house (and having our resident packrat already in Seattle and out of my hair), I hope I’m able to throw a bunch of stuff OUT!  My mom will be coming to Dallas tomorrow to help out with the packing and childcare during what promises to be a pretty hectic week.  But enough dwelling on the dread to come…instead, we could look at pictures from our very busy and very fun December!

Frank has really become interested in “reading” lately.  He can climb up into the rocking chair in his room by himself and fetch his books.  Well, most of the time, they all end up on the floor, but he tries.  He especially likes the book of photos of his family.  He has gotten really good at identifying his grandparents and cousins.  His current favorite person in the world (besides Dadda) is my niece Lenzy (“Eensy”).  He can find every picture of her in the house.  His current favorite book is “Goodnight Gorilla.”  He likes it when we get to the page where the zookeeper’s wife discovers all the animals are in their bedroom.  The page is all black except for her big, white surprised eyes.  When we get to that page, Frank gasps his breath, makes his best look of surprise and exclaims, “OH NO!”  Every time.  It’s hysterical.

We stretched the holidays out for several weeks this year, wanting to make sure we spent as much time as possible with both sides of the family.  We spent a few days hanging out in Plano with the Dixons and Furreys, and we took our annual trip to the Galleria to people-watch and eat Mexican food.  This year, we had to go the Saturday before Christmas instead of Christmas Eve, and it was quite a bit more crowded.  Call me Scrooge, but I’d rather be anywhere but a mall on the Saturday before Christmas.

Next, our travels took us to Little Rock to visit the Vaughts/Kueblers/Smiths, etc.  We stayed almost a week, which is more time than we’ve been there for the holidays in a long time.  It rained the whole week.  No, I take that back…it POURED.  Like, the animals were pairing up.  But that did not stop us from riding the downtown trolley car to see Christmas lights or hanging out with Santa or having several family get-togethers!

Frank, of course, got a TON of Christmas loot.  Santa (“Ho Ho”) was very good to him.  Despite that, he still really loves to play with all of my “vintage” 1970’s toys when he visits my parents.  Here he is walking a pathetic little wooden doggie, which I’m sure is covered in lead paint and asbestos.

Frank was not the only one who had fun over the holidays.  Our very best friends here in Dallas (Jenny, Tiffany, Kallie, and Craig) took us to the Lakewood Country Club wine room (fancy!) for a going away dinner!  Mind you, I’m terrible at goodbyes, so I’ve already set up a lunch with the girls for next week, and then I’ll probably stop by their houses next weekend…I just don’t ever want to say the official “farewell.”

Okay, it’s selfish but the best part of the month of December was our trip to Turks & Caicos.  Just Heath and me.  No Frank.  No dog.  No parents.  No offense.  It was our first time away for that long, and we sure did miss Frank.  But he had a great time with both sets of grandparents and cousins, and according to all reports, didn’t even notice we were gone.  We had a wonderful time doing what we do best: lounging and eating.  Although we did go snorkeling one day, which was quite an adventure…

The cool part was Heath finding a second career as a conch hunter!  He seriously found six or seven of them (to everyone else’s one or zero).

The not-as-cool part was running into these baracuda.  Sorry for the quality of the picture; it was taken with one of those underwater disposable numbers.  Suffice it to say, these guys were scary and a little too close to me.  I spent the rest of the trip on the boat.

Other than our one day of adventure, however, we stayed close to the beach, pool, and eating establishments.  Here is a picture of us all gussied up for New Year’s Eve:

We even had a great view of a beach fireworks show from our private balcony!

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I hope your year is not as crazy as ours is likely to be. 

Because, did I mention, in addition to the moving across the country, we are also having another baby??  Yup!