It’s All Happening

Things are super crazy right now, with the move coming up on Monday.  Frank and I end up stopping by the house multiple times a day to check on our contractor’s progress, measure for drapes, pull up carpet squares, and many other tasks that present themselves.  We got a new garage door yesterday, at which point we decided I probably wouldn’t be able to park the Pilot in the garage.  Heath can get it in and out, but I’m too chicken to try yet.  I have a feeling I will be downsizing soon.  We may even go to one car, since Heath will be really close to his new office.  We have been mapping out bus and bike routes for him to try.

My mom is coming back on Sunday night to help with Frank while we move in.  Thank goodness for Gammie!  Poor Frank is very frustrated every time we go to the house, as he is not allowed to touch anything (wet paint), climb on anything (empty shelving does not a ladder make), or stick his fingers in any outlets.  I can just imagine how it will be when the movers are bringing in the furniture and boxes.

We are looking forward to the weekend and hope to have time to acknowledge Easter.  When Heath’s parents were in town last weekend, we took Frank to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.  As most kids his age are, he was a bit hesitant about the overgrown rabbit with goofy glasses and bow tie.  He wouldn’t sit in his lap without me, so I ended up in the picture.  I was looking especially whale-ish that day, so I will not be posting the photo!  Our new neighborhood has a big egg hunt on Saturday morning.  I hope the weather is nice for it.  We are also planning to go to church for the first time since moving here (so, basically since Christmas…tsk tsk).  Fingers crossed that we will get to do these things amongst the growing list of to-do’s.

As you can tell, I’m pretty overwhelmed!  Most days I just want to wake up a year from now and see us settled in our house with both kids, our dog, one small car, some good friends, new activities, maybe a new BFF with a sailboat and a house in the mountains…ok, ok that might be pushing it.  Oh, and I generally have a large glass of wine in this fantasy, as if there was any doubt!


A Familiar Face

My mom (aka Gammie) made her first visit to Seattle this past weekend, and it sure was great to see her!  It had only been about 6 weeks since we last saw her in Dallas, but the fact we hadn’t seen anyone familiar during that time period made it that much sweeter!  We had great weather while she was here, and she kept us busy as per usual.  We were able to take her to see the new house (more on that below) and the new neighborhood.  We also did a lot of walking downtown and made a visit to the Seattle Aquarium.  Frank loved having Gammie in town.  He has been looking for her the past couple of days, most often (for reasons I cannot comprehend) in the apartment complex elevator bank.  We are now looking forward to Heath’s parents’ (Mimi and Poppy) visit in two weeks!

Here are a few more pictures of the weekend with Gammie:

At the famous Pike Place Market

Heath and I got a date night at a fancy steak place!

High Five for the diver at the Aquarium

In other news, we are getting closer to being out of this apartment and into a house!  We found a great house a couple of weeks ago (not the same one I mentioned in the last post — that one turned out to be a real “fixer”, and we decided we would rather not spend our indefinite future demolishing and rebuilding an entire house).  So, the house we are actually buying needs far less work and is in the same great neighborhood, Queen Anne.  The neighborhood is only minutes from downtown and is full of older homes (1900’s – 1930’s) and lots of fun shops and restaurants.  The house itself was built in 1906 but has had a lot of updates over the years.  There are five bedrooms, including a large Mother in Law suite in the basement, three and a half bathrooms, and great living space.  We think it will be a great house for us for many years.  In fact, the sellers moved into the house about 25 years ago with their almost-two-year-old daughter and their second on the way.  They raised three girls in the house and seem to have put a lot of love into it!

Here are a few shots of the house:

Curb appeal!

View from the staircase into the entry and living room

Fun kitchen with art deco feel

In other, other news, things are still going smoothly with Baby Beans.  I am 21 weeks now and looking noticeably pregnant, which I much prefer to just looking “thick.”  I can feel her kick all the time and plan to get her on the list for both an audition for the Rockettes and a tryout for US Women’s Soccer.  I feel like she should have options.  Speaking of lists, I got Frank on a preschool list for the fall.  I could only find one preschool in Seattle that takes children at 2 that is not a co-op.  The co-ops are really big here, and though I am all for parental involvement and everything, I just don’t think I could make it work while also taking care of a newborn.  The school I found is only 2 blocks from the house, and he would go two mornings a week.  I haven’t heard yet if there is space in his class, but we are keeping our fingers (and toes and arms and legs) crossed that he gets in.  I know he would love it; he really loved Mothers Day Out in Dallas.  Not to mention how much I loved the few hours’ break every week.

That is pretty much the news from here.  We are continuing to meet up with friends of friends.  Frank and I have a playdate scheduled tomorrow with the wife and kids of one of Heath’s co-workers.  They also live in Queen Anne and one of their children will be in the same grade as Frank.  I am hoping one of these random meetings turns into a real friend.  It would certainly be nice to have someone local to call from time to time!