Hoppy Easter

Well, we found the time to get all gussied up and go to church today for Easter!  When we first found our house, we were thrilled to see that it was less than two blocks from the Queen Anne United Methodist Church.  The church is also the site of Red Wagon Preschool, where we are hoping Frank will go in the fall (we are currently wait-listed but being optimistic!).  So, we figured what better day to visit a church than on Easter Sunday!  We parked at the house, stopped for a quick photo opp., and walked down to the church. You can tell from the outside of the place that the church is small, but I was definitely not prepared for what we saw inside!  I was raised in a small country church with a regular attendance of about 125 people, but we always had 250 or so on Easter.  The QAUMC, however, had an attendance of about 55 today…and I’m pretty sure that was a big crowd!  Instead of pews, the congregants sit in chairs in a circle.  The altar is in the center and a small choir sits together in one section of the circle.

Despite the small size, however, the church was surprisingly high-tech.  They had a couple of giant video screens, a band with several instruments, and a “crying room” in back where you can take a chatty toddler and still hear and see the action.  There were about 6 or 7 kids in attendance, and the Sunday School teacher did a short children’s message at the beginning of the service and then took them all downstairs for crafts.  Yay!  The service was really nice, and I think we shook hands with everyone there during the “passing of the peace.”  By the time it was over, we were having such a good time that we stayed for the Easter Brunch people kept inviting us to.  Over yummy egg casserole and an assortment of pies, we learned the history of the church (including the fact that the church donated their pews to a congregation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — hence the lack of pews!), got the phone number of an 18-year-old babysitter, and provided the floor show entertainment (well, admittedly, that was all Frank).  All in all, a successful morning!

Unfortunately, because we stayed at church longer than we had planned, we got to the U-Haul rental place at 12:30…and they had closed at noon.  So, poor Heath had to move the entire contents of our apartment by car.  It actually only took him three trips, but still frustrating and tiring for him.  As I type, he has just returned and is devouring a pizza.  I’m about to head to the airport and fetch Gammie!  Next time I post, we will be moved into the house!  We can’t wait!!