I haven’t had too much time to blog lately, what with the baby and all the visitors we’ve had, but I wanted to post a few pics and say a few words about our baby boy turning 2. 

On a warm Wednesday morning back in late July 2008, our lives changed forever when this crazy little munchkin was born:


Before we knew it, he turned our world upside down.  Instead of happy hour, it was colic hour(s).  Instead of sushi, it was Goldfish crackers.  Instead of the symphony, it was the Wiggles.

But Frank was unlike any person we had ever known.  We watched him grow quite literally in front of our eyes.  We saw him learn, first to laugh, then to sign, then to talk, and then to reason.  We witnessed his first roll, scoot, crawl, and steps, and then we saw him run, jump, climb, swing, and slide.  He is ours, but he is his own person.  He is amazing.  He is Frank!



  1. All I know is that time is going by way too fast for me. It seems like he was just born and now he is 2 and there is another baby in your family! When did all of this happen?

  2. Love following your blog.

    I have a new blog (lost the other one last week). The URL is similar, but wanted to give you the new one so you can follow me (hopefully)! 🙂

    All the best,

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