Holy Pink Princesses!

Let me be the first to introduce you to Baby Girl “Beans” Dixon!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner here in the apartment, so I had to take a picture of the ultrasound photo in order to post it.  You can still tell that she is beautiful and looks perfectly content cuddled up in my belly.  We are so excited to add a girl to the family!  I am ready to have an even playing field in the battle of the sexes!  Although, I guess we are still outnumbered if you count Emmitt the dog.

We are settling in nicely in Seattle.  Frank and I have enrolled in Little Gym, so we have at least one scheduled activity every week.  He has moved up in Little Gym ranks to the Beasts class.  So far, we have been Bugs, Birds, and now Beasts.  They do more independent activities in Beasts, which means Frank does a lot of running away from the group and watching the window for passing buses.  But, he does still enjoy playing the tambourine and doing his forward rolls and shooting baskets and chasing bubbles.  I did notice this past week that there are a few other pregnant moms in the class, so I need to make it my goal to speak to these people.  I might just make a friend in this town yet!

The few acquaintances we do have in Seattle have been very welcoming!  We have had dinner with one of my law school friends and her daughter, a playdate and dinner with one of Heath’s law school friends and her family, and lots of quality time with our real estate agent!  The house search has been quite daunting so far.  With so little knowledge of the neighborhoods and city geography in general, we have had a tough time even figuring out where houses are located.  My first week here, I looked at so many houses that were so wrong for us!  That experience helped us narrow our criteria, and so now we are able to sit back and wait for new listings to come up.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but we actually saw one house yesterday that we liked enough to bid on.  If our offer is accepted, I’ll update with more details later!

So, as you can tell we are keeping relatively busy.  On our slower days, Frank and I like to walk around downtown Seattle.  We have been down to the Pike Place Market several times.  I even had the nerve to buy some salmon and produce from the vendors earlier this week!  Sure beats Kroger.  We finally made it up to the top of the Space Needle last Saturday.  What a great experience that was!  Short line to buy tickets (Frank was free!), short elevator ride, and there we were!  It was absolutely nothing like the 2+ hour ordeal that is the Empire State Building, and I was pleasantly shocked to say the least.  The view was gorgeous that day — sunny and clear.  You could even see Mt. Rainier, which (as crazy as this sounds) can completely disappear in clouds or fog.  I mean, this mountain is so HUGE; but, most winter days you would never know it existed!

This is a pretty good shot of Heath and Frank with downtown and Mt. Rainier in the background.

I’ll close with an apology about my sheer laziness regarding this blog.  Some days, there’s so little going on that I have nothing to write about.  Other days, I am so busy that I haven’t got time to write.  Plus, I must say I prefer writing on my desktop with the huge monitor.  My tiny netbook isn’t quite as comfy for blogging.  Anyway, I realize those are all lame excuses, so I promise to be more consistent.  I also need to take more pictures!  All I have to leave you with is Baby Beans and her creepy Skeletor smile!!

Yikes, girl!  Put some meat on those bones!!